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Friday, June 15, 2007

Birthday celebration

Here is a huge shout out for friends and fancy treats on birthdays!!!

The above is "Team Liberia" from the Baptist Compound (6 Harvard Interns + 1 adoptee, Jeff, a law student from Columbia who is interning with the American Bar Association and living with us). We had just finished our luxurious dinner at one of the few non-Liberian eateries in town. Lebanese food, complete with beef and french fries, was quite the treat compared to the typical Liberian dinner of fish and rice. Plus, the boys made me taller than Molly in this picture - how's that for special treatment! (Even if I am a little crooked)

Other birthday highlights included a lunchtime shopping trip to pick out fabric and dress designs for our first African dresses (quite an adventure!!!), opening my new "I Love Liberia" T-shirt, and finding lots of birthday love in my in-box.

Thanks to everyone, especially "Team Liberia", for making it such a special day!

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Anonymous said...

Emily, it looks like your having a wonderful time!! we miss you and everything is fine!! thanks for having this blog i am learning sooo much about things they didn't teach us in social studies!!

Kelsey Stanger!!